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EAFS Blog 
Saturday, December 31 2011

EAFS would like to Thank everyone for their support this past year to help Ethiopia's Orphan and Vulnerable Children through EAFS!  The children's lives you helped through providing shelter, clothing, food, medical assitance, education, hands on volunteers, hugs, and love is just amazing!!  Here are some of the children that you have helped!!! 

To date, donations of $700 for the orphanage in the Benishungul-Gumuz as the children continue to arrive!! 

                                     Visit the photo gallery to see more by clicking here....

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Wednesday, December 21 2011

Meet Bethlehem. Beti.  She smiles. She smiles all the time.  She was smiling when I walked into the Read and Feed Learning Center and met her. She was smiling when we loaded up the van to head to the amusement park...when she took my hand as we walked to the first ride...when she ate her very first ice cream cone.  Every time I saw her, she had a big smile on her face.  She smiles one of those smiles that comes from her eyes as much as her mouth. 

She lives a life that would steal the smile from most.  Both of her parents are dead.  Let me say that again. Both of her parents died. She is nine year old and has no parents.  She lives with extended family who took her in.  She lives in a poverty that would bring us to our knees. I am talking about no electricity, no water...nothing.

But, she smiles.

The day we took the kids to the amusement park, she thanked me over and over. "Amaseganalu, amaseganalu..." I learned a lesson from this child and  am pretty sure I should have been the one thanking her.

Posted by: Aimee AT 06:19 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, December 20 2011

It is happening!  Families are helping this building become a home for children!!  So far families have donated approximately $450 in donations.  Every donations means something!!  

We "all of us" are on our way to feed, shelter, cloth these children like they deserve!!  Please continue to spread the word!! Thank you to those that are signing up to be program sponsors and children sponsors!!!  This is the greatest present to give this year!!

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Saturday, December 17 2011

Please go now and donate to Miskaye Orphanage in Benishangul-gumz to buy beds, cribs, blankets, food... Kids begin to arrive and we need to make this "home" for them.  If you can give a donation as a gift to help us purchase basic needed items for these much deserving children.

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