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A Glimpse of Ethiopia's Challenges 
Informative video "Whose Children Are They Now"  by Dorothy Fadiman adopted from

Only 24% of households have access to safe drinking water (UND, 2002)

Malnutrition contributes to one in two child deaths (USAID)

1 out of 6 children in Ethiopia dies before reaching their 5th birthday (United Nations, 2002)

The average Ethiopian makes $110 per year (World Development Report, 2003)

Half the children in Ethiopia will never attend school (UNICEF)

88% will never attend secondary school (UNICEF)

In Ethiopia, there is one physician for every 40,000 people and one nurse for every 14,000 people (UNICEF)

There are approximately 4 MILLION orphans in Ethiopia (UNAIDS)

Approximately 1,725 children will be adopted in 2008

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Enriching the Lives of Ethiopian Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Adoptive Families

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